Carbon Valley consists of three vibrant growing cities; Firestone, Frederick and Dacono.  While all three cities have been around since the early 1900's, it wasn't until recently that  growth began in earnest.  In ddition the name "Carbon Valley" is also rather new, it unites three cities that are striving to serve the influx of new residents.  Carbon Valley and its three cities are routinely cited as top places to own homes and live.  These accolades come from not only the state level, but also nationally.  You can tell we're pretty proud of the place we live.   Want to learn more? Check out these websites: FIRESTONE, FREDERICK, and DACONO and see some of our "Carbon" based history below.  

Where's the "Valley" in Carbon Valley?  Good question and one others have had.  Check out this link for more Times Call.

(photo courtesy Mayor Paul Sorensen duplication not permitted without permission)